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At Greenland Dental, we believe that every patient deserves to attain their dream smile. Therefore, when it comes to high-quality preventative care or routine maintenance, our north lakes dentist team is here for you. We offer patients various treatments, including premium dental services that will restore functionality, enhance aesthetic appeal, and strengthen any set of teeth.


Our services are tailored to meet your dental goals as we work closely with our patients to create treatments plans that best represent their requirements. At Greenland Dental in North Lakes, you will have access to various dental health professionals, including family dentists and oral hygienists. To get your smile transformation journey started, book your next appointment with us today. 

Our Services

At Greenland Dental, our team have years of experience in the dental industry and have mastered various techniques. Some of our most popular dental procedures and services include:

Have you been dreaming of a new smile? At Greenland Dental, we can help you achieve the smile you desire most.


Our cosmetic dentists have mastered various procedures to help patients transform their smiles and attain a perfect set of pearly whites that you’ll love to show off.


We offer treatments such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, orthodontics, and more. Our cosmetic procedures are tailored to suit your dental goals and customised to ensure you attain the perfect result. In addition to high-quality treatments, you will be given a one-on-one consultation session with our cosmetic dentists before commencing the procedure.


This will allow you to ask any questions you may have regarding recovery, maintenance, and more. For more information on our cosmetic dentists in North Lakes, contact us today.

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Dental veneers can seamlessly restore teeth. They are perfect for covering visual flaws, including cracked, chipped, and discoloured teeth.


At Greenland Dental, we utilise dental veneers to repair the functionality and visual appearance of your teeth. We offer our north lakes patients the choice between two types of dental veneers – porcelain and composite. Porcelain veneers are thin shells that cover the teeth, while composite veneers are formed from resin and bonded to the tooth in layers.


To find out which type of dental veneer is better for you, get in touch with our north lakes dentists today.

The eruption of wisdom teeth can be painful and disruptive, especially when they protrude at an angle. Often, the slanted growth of wisdom teeth will cause them to become impacted and will later affect the surrounding teeth and gums if not treated right away.


Hence, opt for wisdom tooth removal services from Greenland Dental today for fast and reliable extraction. We will talk you through each step of the procedure and ensure you feel comfortable both during and after the extraction process.


Take back control of your teeth and get back to doing the things you love. For more information on wisdom tooth removal services, talk to our North Lakes dentist team today.

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Are you searching for high-quality dental crowns in North Lakes? At Greenland Dental, we can help you restore the visual appearance of your smile by completely masking any obvious aesthetic flaws. If you’re struggling with gapped, damaged, or crooked teeth, choose our dental crowns for total restoration.


Dental crowns will simply fit over your original tooth and allow you to complete everyday activities without any complications, including eating, speaking, and chewing. In addition, our dental crowns are customisable and will be created to best suit the colour and shape of your original teeth.


For more information on our dental crowns in north lakes, get in touch with us today.

Are you experiencing a problem with your tooth? 

Replace your missing teeth with dental bridges. At Greenland Dental, our dental bridges include an implant that is situated between two dental crowns.


This prosthetic will restore your teeth' functionality, strength, and aesthetic appeal and return the smile you once loved. However, not everyone is suitable for a dental bridge treatment as your oral health must be in relatively good condition.


Your dental bridge will need to be supported by your teeth, and therefore, they must be strong enough to hold the two dental crowns on either side. Hence, before the treatment commences, our north lakes dentists will evaluate your dental health to determine whether the procedure is right for you.


For more information on dental bridges in north lakes, contact us today.


Are you searching for high-quality children’s dentistry? At Greenland Dental, we are dedicated to guiding your child’s oral development process.


We do everything we can – from check-ups to preventative care, to ensure your child’s oral health remains in optimal condition throughout every stage of life. Hence, we recommend that your child visit our north lakes dental clinic when their first tooth erupts.


This will allow our kid’s dentists to keep track of growth and teach your child good oral hygiene habits that they can continue to utilise into adulthood.


For more information on our kid’s dentists in north lakes, contact us today.

Restoring a lost tooth with dental bridges is a popular option for people who want an easy, reliable solution. Wondering what the difference is between a dental crown and dental bridge? Crowns fit over your existing teeth, while a bridge sits in place as a complete replacement. To be a suitable candidate for the dental bridge procedure, your dental health must be in relatively good condition as your teeth must be able to support the two dental crowns on either side of the bridge. So, before commencing the dental bridge procedure, our dentists consider your overall oral health to determine whether this treatment is suitable for you.


A root canal treatment will be needed if you are experiencing severe pain or tooth sensitivity. Often, ignoring these issues can lead to more complicated problems in the future, such as the loss of a tooth or jaw concerns.


Hence, at Greenland Dental, we utilise root canal treatments to rid your tooth of infected pulp and disinfect the area. Once all bacteria have been eliminated, the hollow space in your tooth will be replaced with a filling.


This will ensure restored strength and functionality. If you suffer from any of the following problems, you may require a root canal treatment in north lakes:


  • Deep cavity

  • Trauma

  • Gum disease

  • A breakdown of filling or crown


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In need of premium dentistry services in North Lakes? The team at Greenland Dentistry have you covered. Our family dentists are professionals in their field and have worked on transforming many smiles over the years. With our experience and expertise, there’s no smile too complicated for us to restore, repair, and rejuvenate. For more information on our dental clinic, contact us today or call us on (07) 5495 4266. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with us here.