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Are your wisdom teeth causing pain?

June 3, 2016




Have you recently had pain from the back of your mouth? When you are opening and closing your jaw? Biting on food? During the day or night? Noticed a bad taste in your mouth? These symptoms could be caused by your wisdom teeth.


Most people notice their wisdom teeth start to erupt between the age of 16 and 25, but this can vary from person to person. Some people do not have enough space for their wisdom teeth to come through properly. Wisdom teeth can grow straight (vertically), sideways (horizontally) or on an angle towards or away from the second molar tooth.


Wisdom teeth can cause pain if they are:

  • impacted against the tooth next to it;

  • close to the nerve at the bottom of your jaw;

  • partially erupted and the gums covering the tooth is inflamed; or

  • decayed and an abscess has developed.


If you notice any pain at the back of your mouth, it is a good idea to see a dentist. The dentist will assess the position of your wisdom teeth and propose your treatment options. In some cases, removing problematic wisdom teeth is the only way to help you be pain free.


In most cases your wisdom teeth can be removed by the dentists here at Greenland Dental. Our dentists and support staff try their best to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible for you. However, if your wisdom teeth are in a complex position the dentist may recommend you to see a specialist for a second opinion and management.


If you are experiencing pain or think your wisdom teeth may be coming through CONTACT US to make a convenient appointment time.


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