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Preventing sport injuries

February 28, 2017


Does your mouthguard fit properly? Has your child outgrown their mouthguard since last season?


Consistently wearing a custom made mouthguard is essential while playing or training for contact sport. Custom made mouthguards are constructed by a dental professional and are designed to spread and absorb the impact of a blow to the face. Having a custom made mouthguard ensures the highest level of protection for your teeth.


Dental injuries can result in complex long term dental problems that are ultimately very expensive to fix. A custom made mouthguard may seem like a big expense, especially for children who are changing so quickly, but it is small in comparison with the costs of treating an injury.


To construct a custom made mouthguard, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. From there all you need to do is choose the colour and we can have your mouthguard made within a week. We have lots of different colours to choose from and we can even match your team colours.


Once you receive your custom made mouthguard make sure you bring it along to your regular check-ups. The dentist will check to ensure it is still fitting correctly and providing adequate protection. This is particularly important for children as their mouth is constantly changing. Children usually require a new mouthguard every 12 to 18 months. However, if you notice it is not fitting well, the dentist can make adjustments to ensure it stays comfortable and lasts as long as possible.


It is also worthwhile checking with your private health fund about the frequency you can replace your child's mouthguard and even your own. Most health funds will contribute towards a new mouthguard for children every 12 months and every two years for adults.


If you have any questions regarding mouthguards or are interested in having one made please call us on 07 5495 4266. Alternatively, to request an appointment click here





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