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How Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health

April 8, 2019


Stress and diminished oral health share a strong link. In stressful situations our bodies react to the stimuli in a range of different ways. Some people will experience clenching and grinding while others may suffer with a dry mouth and ulcers. This blog intends to provide you with an understanding of why this happens and suggest ways to reduce the symptoms of these oral health conditions


 Clenching and Grinding


Signs and symptoms you may be clenching your teeth include:

  • Wear on teeth causing sensitivity to temperature

  • Broken, chipped or fractures

  • Pain in the jaw point muscles

  • Facial pain with tension headache caused by intense muscle contractions

  • Raised tissue on your cheeks caused by cheek biting


Clenching and grinding of your teeth when you are awake can be avoided by monitoring your behaviour and consciously stopping yourself.



Clenching and grinding of your teeth during sleep can be minimised by wearing a custom night guard over your teeth called a splint.


Dry mouth and Ulcers


When your immune system is weakened by stress you can become more prone to a dry mouth and mouth ulcers. These conditions can be reduced with a variety of pharmaceutical products designed to target the oral concern.

If you are experiencing any of these above symptoms, it is advised you see a dentist for an observation.


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