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Is your denture loose or ill-fitting?

Changes to your mouth occur over time, however the most common reason for a loose dentures is bone resorption.  This is a slow natural process where the gums and bone begin to shrink because they are no longer required to hold teeth in place.

An ill-fitting denture has additional spaces between the fitting surface and your gums. This allows for excessive movement of the denture and can result in the following complications:

  • Ulcers

  • Irritation

  • Tissue overgrowth

  • Fungal infections


A reline is recommended to improve the fit of the denture against the new shape of the jaw bone.

What’s involved in relining a denture?

The acrylic fitting surface of your denture is reduced to allow room for an impression to be taken.  This impression clearly outlines the current shape of your mouth.  Your denture will be sent to our technician for a new acrylic surface to be put inside your denture.  Your relined denture will feel like a new denture and a few adjustments may be required.

If a denture is fitted immediately following teeth extractions a temporary reline will be offered while changes to your mouth are occurring.  This is a simple procedure and is carried out during your dental appointment.   When your bone has completely healed a permanent reline will be carried out.


Daily denture care

  • Remove your dentures before going to bed each night to give your gum tissues time to rest

  • Clean your dentures with a soft toothbrush and mild liquid soap or approved denture cleaner twice daily

  • Clean your dentures over a hand basin half filled with water or a towel to prevent breakage if dropped

  • Place your denture in water or a mild denture soaking solution overnight

  • Brush your gums, tongue and palate every morning with a soft toothbrush before you insert your dentures

  • Partial dentures should be rinsed after eating to remove food debris and other loose particles trapped between your denture and natural teeth.

  • Your mouth may become sore under your denture or your denture could become loose as your mouth changes, if this happens, contact our practice.










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