At Greenland Dental, we know that children may be a little nervous about visiting the dentist, particularly if it’s their first time for a check-up. That’s why we take great pride in making their visit as pleasant as possible by ensuring our Caboolture dentists are gentle, calm, and have a lot of patience. These qualities make them great with children and ensure your child’s dental visit is as stress-free as possible.

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Why Bring Your Children for Check-ups?

Wondering why it’s so important to bring your child to Greenland Dental for regular check-ups? When you start bringing them to a dentist from a young age, they’ll feel more comfortable in the dental chair as they grow and it sets them up for a lifetime of more relaxing dental visits. Regular visits to the dentist also establishes good dental health habits that will last a lifetime. Regular dental check-ups ensure problems are identified early, which helps to prevent problems later. We believe that visiting the dentist should be a fun experience and our team strives to make each visit a positive experience for your child.


What Age Should Children See The Dentist?

The Australian Dental Association recommends that your child’s first visit be when their first baby tooth comes through or when your child turns one – whichever comes first. We love seeing your entire family at Greenland Dental, so a great way to gradually introduce your children to the dentist is to bring them along to watch your regular dental check-up.


What To Expect from Your Child’s First Visit

Passing on knowledge to our patients about preventative dentistry is important to our team. Our dentists enjoy helping you and your children learn about what you can do to prevent decay, gum disease and other dental problems. At your child’s first dental visit, the dentist will assess your child’s teeth and identify any existing or potential problems so a treatment plan can be developed to ensure the long-term health of your child’s teeth and gums.

During the appointment, your dentist may discuss with you:

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are not only needed to eat and speak with, but they also hold space in the jaw for permanent teeth that develop as your child grows. Decay in baby teeth can also mean a higher risk of decay in permanent teeth, which begin to grow at approximately six years of age.


Teething chart for baby teeth

Group 66 1

Tooth erupts (months) / Tooth lost (years)

Teething chart for adult teeth

Image 3

Teething chart for adult teeth

Emergency Childrens Dentistry

Emergency Children’s Dentistry

You never know when your child might require emergency dental services – it can happen at any time. Whether your child is experiencing growth issues or involved in an accident, sometimes you just need urgent help. At Greenland Dental, we provide high-quality emergency children’s dentistry services that are reliable and trustworthy. Often, kids won’t understand the full extent of their dental problems, so it’s up to parents to actively visit a professional dental clinic when an emergency arises.

All children have accidents. However, if you find that a certain situation has caused extensive oral damage to your child, you must get it checked immediately. Waiting to get a dental check-up or ignoring the issue can cause it to worsen over time and become more complicated to treat. Situations that may require the assistance of emergency dentistry services include:

  • Broken tooth
  • Infected gums
  • Extreme sensitivity – especially to hot or cold temperatures
  • Any dental pain that does not seem to go away
  • A dental issue after a fall or accident

If your child is struggling with any of these dental concerns, contact our kid’s dentists today and we’ll provide you with high-quality emergency children’s dentistry. Our services will restore your child’s teeth’s functionality and visual appeal to ensure their overall oral development remains on track.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

At Greenland Dental, we know that it costs much more in the long run to treat dental problems if your child doesn’t visit a dentist for regular check-ups. That’s why we proudly take part in the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) to help reduce the financial pressure of dental treatments.

The CDBS is a government-funded scheme that provides over $1000 of free dental treatment for eligible children to be used at private dental practices like Greenland Dental every 2 calendar years. After each 2 year period, your child may be eligible for another $1000 worth of dental care up until the age of 18.

Not sure of your child’s eligibility? Call Greenland Dental with your child’s Medicare card number and it will only take our team a few moments to let you know.

Not eligible for CDBS? No worries! Greenland Dental accepts all Australian private health insurance funds. We can help you claim your benefits on the spot through HICAPS. In addition, we are a member’s choice practice for BUPA, HCF, Westfund and NIB.

For the little ones without private health insurance, Greenland Dental preventative packages with kid’s prices.


What Our Client Says

Patient Reviews

Google Reviews Skyram

Had my front teeth fixed at Greenland dental, best experience, Dr Catherine was very gentle, did not feel any pain at all. Her assistant Caitlyn was very professional and reassuring. Now I can smile with confidence again!

Andrea Yew

Highly recommend!
Thankyou so much Dr Catherine Chow, forever greatful you took a chance on helping me when noone else would, including both private and public hospital.
I still can't believe you were able to pull this extraction off so quickly and complication free, truely a testament to your skills.

Chantelle Wardrop

I have just had my first appointment at Greenland Dental. WOW! What a great team. From the reception staff to treating staff, they were all such a pleasure.
Dr Catherine was very thorough, not only working on the tooth I was there to receive treatment on, but identifying some other problematic teeth and providing options for future treatment. I will definitely be returning for future procedures.

Crystal Pennell

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