Examination and prevention

When you visit us for a comprehensive examination, your Caboolture dentist will thoroughly check your teeth, gums and soft tissues for any problems. If any issues are identified, your dentist will explain your condition and the different treatment options available. Your dentist will also suggest ways you can avoid similar problems in the future.

By returning to see your dentist for a check up on a regular basis, changes to your teeth and gums can be closely monitored. Any problems can be detected and treated early. Sometimes treating the problem can be as simple as making small changes to the way you care for your teeth at home. Your dentist will recommend a suitable time frame for you to return depending on your overall oral health.

Examination and prevention

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Had my front teeth fixed at Greenland dental, best experience, Dr Catherine was very gentle, did not feel any pain at all. Her assistant Caitlyn was very professional and reassuring. Now I can smile with confidence again!

Andrea Yew

Highly recommend!
Thankyou so much Dr Catherine Chow, forever greatful you took a chance on helping me when noone else would, including both private and public hospital.
I still can't believe you were able to pull this extraction off so quickly and complication free, truely a testament to your skills.

Chantelle Wardrop

I have just had my first appointment at Greenland Dental. WOW! What a great team. From the reception staff to treating staff, they were all such a pleasure.
Dr Catherine was very thorough, not only working on the tooth I was there to receive treatment on, but identifying some other problematic teeth and providing options for future treatment. I will definitely be returning for future procedures.

Crystal Pennell

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