Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you unhappy with your smile?

Over the years we have seen firsthand how improving the look of your smile can really boost a person’s self-confidence. The first step to a beautiful smile is a discussion with your dentist about your treatment options and what you are hoping to achieve.

Cosmetic procedures

There are a number of dental treatments provided at our practice that improve the appearance of your smile, however, not all procedures are suitable for all cases. Your dentist will carefully assess your teeth and propose your treatment options based on your concerns and desired outcome. If you are looking to improve your smile your dentist may recommend some of the following procedures.


Cosmetic procedures can help improve the look of your teeth and smile.

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Teeth whitening

Professional tooth whitening is a procedure designed to lighten the colour of your natural teeth. Lightening the colour of your teeth can improve the overall appearance of your smile. The whitening systems we use achieve significant colour change in many cases and your dentist will carefully consider if this option will work for you. 


Dental veneers are an excellent choice for treating teeth that are chipped, discoloured, slightly crooked or to close small gaps between your teeth. Veneers can be made from porcelain or composite resin. Your dentist can assess whether veneers are a good option for you.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are primarily used to strengthen teeth, but in some cases are used to improve aesthetics. Dental bridges can close a gap where a tooth is missing and can improve your smile and chewing function. Crowns and bridges can be made to match the look and colour of your natural teeth. They are very resistant to staining and will not discolour over time like natural teeth. Your dentist will assess whether crowns and/or bridges are an appropriate option for you.

Orthodontic treatment

If your teeth are crowded, most often the best way to improve your smile is to have your teeth straightened. If you are interested in straightening your teeth, your dentist will refer you to a specialist for orthodontic treatment.