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A crown is a prosthetic cap, like a helmet, that fully encases the visible portion of a tooth and is glued into place using a specialised cement. Crowns are used to strengthen a tooth and in some cases are used to improve its appearance. Crowns can be made of several different materials and can look very natural. Your dentist will advise you which type of material is most appropriate for you.


A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth. Typically, a bridge is one cohesive unit that consists of two crowns with a false tooth suspended in between. The long term success of a bridge is dependant on the strength of the teeth either side of the gap. The dentist will carefully assess these teeth before proposing a bridge as a treatment option.

What are they made of?

Crowns and bridges are often made of ceramic, porcelain and/or metal alloy. Ceramic and porcelain crowns can be made to match the look and colour of your natural teeth. They are very resistant to staining and will not discolour over time like natural teeth. Metal alloy is used for its strength, hardness and durability.  It is especially useful for molars as crowns on back teeth must be able to withstand the heavy forces of chewing and grinding.

Crown and bridge | Greenland Dental

A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth.

Improve your smile

Dental crowns and bridges can also be used to improve the appearance of your smile. The first step to a beautiful smile is a discussion with your dentist about your treatment options and what you are hoping to achieve. Your regular visit for a check-up is the perfect opportunity to discuss your options and ask any questions.


While both dental crowns and dental bridges will improve your smile, one restores your teeth while the other repairs them. Therefore, they require two different forms of procedures. 


Dental crowns procedure 


A dental crowns procedure will usually involve two visits to the dentist. At your first visit: 


  1. Our dentist will examine the tooth and ensure that your tooth can support a crown

  2. An impression of your tooth will be taken that will be sent to our dental lab so that your customised crown can be created

  3. We may provide you with a temporary crown while your permanent one is being made 


Your second visit will be when your permanent dental crown is ready. We will remove the temporary crown and attach the permanent crown to the tooth with a special adhesive at this appointment. Hence, you will be left with a dental crown that looks and functions just like a natural tooth. 


Dental bridges procedure 


  1. Our dentists will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap – this includes reshaping them to ensure the bridge will fit 

  2. Impressions of your teeth will be made and sent to the dental lab 

  3. Our dentist will prepare a temporary bridge that you can wear in the meantime 

  4. Once your bridge has been created, we will conduct a fitting session to ensure they are a perfect match for your teeth 

  5. The dental bridge is then permanently cemented once you are satisfied with their look and feel 

Benefits Of Dental Crowns And Bridges

Both options can restore your smile's health and structure while preventing further damage to other nearby teeth. What's more, both procedures offer some key benefits over other treatment methods, which include:


  • Transforms your smile 

  • Improves ability to chew and speak

  • It helps maintain the shape of your face

  • It prevents your remaining teeth from shifting positions 

  • Restore a chipped, cracked, or worn-out tooth 

  • Protects weak teeth 

  • Covers misshapes or discolored teeth 


Crowns for Tooth Restoration


Crowns are often used to protect weakened teeth from further damage, fix cracked or chipped teeth, cover discolored teeth, and replace missing ones. Dental crowns can also be used to attach bridges so they can't fall out due to chewing food or speaking.


Bridges for Tooth Replacement


Dental bridges are also made of porcelain and metal but attach to surrounding healthy teeth on either side of the gap left behind by the teeth, which have deteriorated beyond repair. As with dental crowns, bridges help prevent future tooth loss while boosting self-esteem due to an improved appearance.

How Much Do Dental Bridges And Crowns Cost?

Bridges tend to cost more than crowns and take longer for your dentist to complete since they require multiple visits. On the other hand, dental crowns are usually quicker and won’t take too much time to complete. On average, the price of dental bridges costs $1,500 per tooth. Similarly, the estimated cost of a dental crown is anywhere between $500-$2,000 per tooth. 


However, these are not fixed prices, as the final cost of your dental bridge or dental crown procedure will depend on various factors. This includes your oral health history, the complexity of the case, other dental treatments needed, and more.


At Greenland Dental, we aim to keep our prices affordable so that everyone can access high-quality dental care when they need it most. Additionally, we offer comprehensive payment options to help you manage your funds and attain the best dental care at the lowest price possible. For an accurate estimate of the dental expenses attached to these procedures, contact us today.

Caring For Your Dental Crowns And Bridges

Caring for your dental crowns and bridges after treatment does not require an extensive amount of maintenance. Instead, you simply need to practice good oral hygiene habits, such as brushing twice a day and flossing, avoiding hard foods that are difficult to chew, and visiting our dentists regularly for routine check-ups. By following these simple tips, you will prolong the life of your dental prosthesis. 

Why Choose Us?

Our team at Greenland Dental provides comprehensive dental care services at our family-friendly clinic. We are restorative experts and will help transform the look and functionality of your teeth. Therefore, we offer high-quality, customised dental bridges and crowns to restore and repair all dental concerns. Our dental clinic in Caboolture maintains a comforting and safe environment to ensure all our patients feel relaxed when undergoing their oral health treatments.


Additionally, our dentists are some of the most qualified in the country as we are constantly implementing new skills and acquiring more knowledge about modern dentistry. Therefore, we guarantee a safe, reliable, and effective dental experience with access to the latest technologies and equipment. For the best local dental care you can find, choose our team at Greenland Dental today. 


Some of the reasons as to why you should choose Greenland Dental include:


  • Inexpensive dental care for all 

  • Personalised treatment plans

  • Detailed services

  • Comprehensive one-on-one consultation sessions 

  • High-quality dental crowns and bridges 

  • A safe and reliable dental clinic environment  

  • A team of knowledgeable and family-friendly oral health experts

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