HICAPS automatic claiming

Claiming your health fund rebate

HICAPS automatic claiming provides an efficient and easy payment processing solution for our patients who have private health insurance. At the completion of your dental appointment your health fund card is simply swiped into the HICAPS terminal and in seconds the transaction is processed.  Once your claim has been authorised by your health fund you simply pay the gap amount, which is the difference between the full fee for your treatment and the benefit paid by your health fund.


Hicaps quotation

We are able to check your expected health fund rebate before you receive your treatment. Make sure to bring your health fund card if you would like to know your rebate prior to your appointment. We can use the Hicaps quotation function to check your out of pocket costs for different treatment options to help with your decision making process. While we can process Hicaps quotes for many different health funds, not all private health funds are participating at this stage.

Medicare bulk billing

Our HICAPS terminal is also used to process Medicare bulk bill claims for our patients covered by the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule.

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