Tooth coloured fillings

Composite resin restorations, often referred to as white fillings, are used to restore teeth that are broken, cracked or decayed. Composite resin is not actually white in colour but rather comes in various tooth coloured shades. Your dentist will attempt to match your tooth colour as closely as possible and usually you do not notice the filling at all.

How fillings work

Composite resin fillings are bonded directly to your tooth surface.  After removing any damaged tooth structure, a mild etching solution is applied to slightly roughen the surface of the remaining healthy tooth. A primer and bonding agent are then applied so the composite resin will adhere to your tooth. The missing portion of your tooth is then rebuilt by layering and shaping the resin material. Your filling is then set hard using a high intensity light. Once set, your filling is adjusted to suit your bite and polished to feel silky smooth to your tongue.

Before and after restoring teeth with composite resin.

Improve your smile

In some cases, composite resin can also be used to improve the appearance of front teeth.  Composite resin veneers are the most cost efficient and the least invasive option for patients interested in improving the appearance of their smile.

Are you experiencing a problem with your tooth? 

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