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At Greenland Dental, we understand that the eruption of wisdom teeth can be a painful and uncomfortable experience. As we get older and our wisdom teeth emerge, our oral health often becomes more sensitive. Hence, if the wisdom teeth do not grow properly or protrude at an angle, they can become impacted and disturb the rest of the mouth.


Therefore, our professional dentists in Caboolture provide premium wisdom tooth extraction services to ensure your smile remains in perfect condition. Restore the functionality of your oral health with wisdom tooth removal services from our team at Greenland Dental. 

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth usually erupt during late adolescence or early adulthood and are understood as our third set of molars. Although some people may have no complications with the eruption of their wisdom teeth, others experience severe pain and discomfort. 


Wisdom teeth are commonly removed because they are prone to complications such as decay, infection, impactions, and gum disease. Patients who do not have wisdom teeth removed are more likely to develop cysts, tumours, and infections in their third molars. Hence, at Greenland Dental, we aim to restore the functional capacity of your mouth with high-quality wisdom tooth removal services. Our team has years of experience in the dental industry and will work hard to understand the severity of your wisdom teeth issues and recommend extraction or treatment accordingly. 

When To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Some people may need wisdom teeth removed if they become impacted or infected, but wisdom teeth extractions are often done for other reasons - such as overcrowding of teeth and wisdom tooth pain. It is essential that you understand when wisdom tooth removal services are needed to ensure your oral health remains in optimal condition. Waiting too long for the appropriate treatment can be detrimental to the functionality of your teeth and gums. 


Hence, at Greenland Dental, we will examine your oral health to determine whether you require wisdom tooth extraction services. Usually, if your teeth are severely misaligned or growing at an angle, then the issue can no longer be ignored, and a surgical removal must be organised. 


While impacted wisdom teeth don’t always cause symptoms, their growth may damage or infect other teeth and cause further dental issues. Some signs that may suggest your wisdom teeth are impacted include: 


  • Red and swollen gums 

  • Tender and bleeding gums 

  • Jaw pain or swelling around the jaw 

  • Bad breath

  • Increased sensitivity in the mouth 

  • Difficulty opening your mouth, chewing, and speaking 

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

Wisdom tooth removal is typically done when a dental professional determines that there is a need to do so. Therefore, if you’re suitable for the extraction, our friendly dentists will walk you through the procedure, including what to expect for recovery and maintenance. 


The best way to protect your mouth is by getting your wisdom teeth treated early. Hence, our wisdom tooth removal procedure is straightforward and reliable. 


  1. Our dentists will administer anaesthesia – usually around the gums in which your wisdom teeth are located. This will ensure you don’t feel anything throughout the procedure. 

  2. Once your tooth and gums are numb, we will make a small incision below the impacted area. This will allow us to remove your wisdom teeth safely. 

  3. If your wisdom tooth is quite sturdy and difficult to remove, it may be cut into pieces for easier extraction. 

  4. You may feel some pressure in the area as your wisdom tooth is safely removed. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

After your wisdom tooth removal procedure, follow your dentist's post-operative care instructions closely. At Greenland Dental, we recommend cleaning your mouth several times a day with salt water rinses that prevent infection and making sure that you're not eating any hard food items for five days after the procedure. 


Some common factors influence how quickly you are expected to recover from a wisdom teeth removal procedure, including: 


  • General health – wisdom tooth extraction recovery times may vary among individuals due to differences in their general health.

  • Smoking status – the wisdom teeth recovery process can be influenced by whether a patient smokes as it can severely hinder a person’s healing capabilities. In fact, patients who smoke are about twice as likely to have post-operative pain after surgery than those who do not.


If you find that pain from your wisdom teeth removal process does not ease after two weeks, then you must book an appointment with our dentists right away. We will evaluate your oral health to ensure your wisdom teeth wounds are healing correctly. For more information on the recovery process, contact us today. 

Why Choose Us?

At Greenland Dental, we believe in providing high-quality dental care to all patients. Hence, when you’re struggling with the eruption of a wisdom tooth that doesn’t seem to be growing correctly, choose our team for fast and reliable wisdom tooth removal services.


At our dental clinic in Caboolture, we aim to maintain a comforting and relaxed dental environment that will make it easier for you to attain the dental care you need. We are constantly enhancing our clinic with the latest and most innovative technology. This ensures that the equipment we use is of the highest quality and seamlessly mend all dental issues. 


There are many reasons as to why you should choose Greenland Dental for your next general check-up or specialised appointment, including: 


  • Affordable services

  • Tailored patient care 

  • Comprehensive dental services 

  • One-on-one consultation sessions with dental professionals 

  • A safe and positive dental environment 

  • A team of friendly and reliable dentists 

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