Make the most of your health fund entitlements before the end of the year


Does your private health insurance cover dental treatment?

Private health insurance companies place annual limits on how much they will pay and the number of times you can claim for different dental services each year. Your balance resets annually, typically resetting in January, but some companies will run on financial year. You begin each year with a new full balance and unfortunately any unclaimed benefits do not carry over. It is worthwhile checking your policy to be aware of your entitlements, otherwise you may be missing out on benefits you are paying for.

If you haven’t already done so this year, now is a great time to see your dentist for a routine checkup. If you are aware of some problems with your teeth, make the most of your private health insurance and see your dentist before the New Year.

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Are your children eligible for Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Schedule?

Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Schedule runs over a two year period. At the end of the two year period your child’s balance will reset and any unused benefits will not be carried over. If your child is due for their regular dental visit and nearing the end of your two year period, now is the perfect time to book in to see the dentist.

We know how busy you are as parents and, with that in mind, we have added a new feature to our website. You can now have us check your child’s eligibility for bulk-billed dental services by simply completing a quick form online. To complete the form and have us check your child’s eligibility please click here. Alternatively, please call our practice on (07)5495 4266.