No interest payment plans


Greenland Dental is now offering no interest payment plans. We hope this will give our patients’ the opportunity to consider their treatment options and make a decision without immediate financial pressure.

We often see that restorative treatment is delayed due to financial concerns. Ultimately, this puts people in a worse situation as treatment becomes more involved and more expensive. In some cases, it gets to the point where the tooth can no longer be saved.

We hope that by offering payment plans, our patients’ can access the treatment that best suits their needs and pay for it in a way that suits their budget.

We have researched many different companies that offer payment plans. DentiCare stands out to us as the best solution as they do not charge any interest. A deposit of 20% is required on the day of treatment and the remaining balance can be paid off over a three, six or 12 month period. Payments can even be spread over a 24 month period in some cases.

If you would like more information about payment plans, our friendly reception team are happy to help. To see our contact details click here.