Why should I save my teeth?

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While removing a tooth may seem like the more affordable option, tooth extraction should always be a last resort! Root canal treatment may seem costly, but replacing a missing tooth with a partial denture, bridge or implant is very expensive in the long run. Sadly, sometimes your dentist simply can’t save a tooth, and removing it is the only option.

Why do missing teeth matter?

The less teeth you have, the more stress chewing puts on your remaining teeth. This increases the wear on your remaining teeth and also increases the risk of these teeth breaking. If you are missing more than one tooth in the same area this will create a large space, making biting and chewing difficult. Losing your teeth won’t just affect your appearance, it also affects how you eat and even how you speak.

Long term effects of missing teeth

If an opposing tooth no longer has anything to bite against, it will over erupt until it finds contact with either another tooth or your gum. If the space is not filled, the remaining teeth will naturally move or tilt into the space, changing the way your teeth bite together, reduce your chewing function and even causing annoying food traps.

The bone that was once surrounding an extracted tooth will continue to shrink over time. If enough teeth are lost, the contours of your face and lips gradually change. As the bone continues to shrink it can make wearing a denture extremely uncomfortable.

Follow these simple steps to keep your teeth healthy

  • attend regular dental visits
  • always brush your teeth twice a day
  • floss at least daily
  • limit snacking and consumption of sugary/acidic foods and drinks

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