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Earlier this year COVID-19 coronavirus placed practicing restrictions on dentistry delaying non-essential dental treatment, including preventative care. If you are due or overdue for your dental visit and you have private health insurance consider scheduling your visit before the end of the year. Remaining private health insurance balances for the year don’t usually get carried over into the next calendar year, they’re simply wasted.

If treatment is required following an examination, our reception team will be more than happy to process an equote with your health fund so you can know up front what benefits your fund will pay as well as your out of pocket expense.

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule has been developed by Medicare to provide dental services for eligible children who are aged between 2 and 17 years. It enables eligible children to receive up to $1000 in dental services over a two-year period. Greenland Dental supports this scheme and bulk bills all services that are available through the schedule. For a child to be eligible you must be receiving Family tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment.

Our reception team will be more than happy to check your child’s eligibility or remaining benefits for you. Simply call us on (07) 5495 4266 with your child’s Medicare card number.

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and attending regular preventative care appointments is a lot more affordable than major dental treatment.

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