Missing tooth replacement to improve your smile

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Are you suffering from low self-esteem because of a missing tooth? Your smile is important as it plays an important role in self-confidence. Options available to replace a missing tooth or teeth include dentures, Bridges or implants.

Partial Denture: A partial denture is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth. Partial dentures vary greatly in design, materials and price. Your dentist will discuss these options with you taking into consideration your personal situation and the advantages and disadvantages for each style.

Bridge: A bridge is a fixed appliance consisting of a false tooth supported by adjacent teeth. This is a good option if your dentist is happy that the position and span of the bridge will not be under excessive force from biting and grinding. The long-term success of a bridge is also dependent on the strength of the supporting teeth. Bridges are often made of ceramic, porcelain and/or metal alloy.

Implant: A dental implant is a screw like metal structure that is surgically positioned into the bone of the jaw to support either a crown, bridge or denture. An implant mimics the roots of a natural tooth. Once an implant is surgically positioned into the jaw bone the implant is left to allow the bone to grow around the thread to secure it firmly in place. This process usually takes approximately three to six months depending on the location of the implant and each individual’s healing speed. During this healing phase, a provisional denture will most likely be worn to prevent movement of the remaining teeth and/or cosmetic reasons. Once the implant is held firmly in place it’s ready for its attachment.

With all three options good oral hygiene is essential for long term success as well as the overall health of your gums and remaining teeth.

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