Limits on Dental Extras


Your annual dental health insurance benefit is the maximum amount you can claim for a specific service. Annual limits depend on your health fund and the level of cover you have.

If you haven’t claimed up to your yearly limit, this doesn’t roll over to the next year, it resets.

It’s good to know if your health insurance fund runs from calendar year or financial year. Or whether your family has a yearly limit or each member has their own person limit.

Our Hicaps terminal offers an equote function which allows us to provide a quotation to you by checking with your health fund what your rebate will be. This is great for treatment planning and knowing up front what your health insurance will cover and what the out of pocket expense will be before treatment begins.

As we near the end of the year don’t waste remaining benefits if you are due for your preventative appointment. If you are unsure of what you are entitled to, you are more than welcome to come into our clinic with your health insurance card and our reception staff will be more than happy to provide an equote for you.

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