Why my dentist would recommend Tooth Mousse or Recaldent gum?

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Dental decay is the destruction of the tooth’s enamel and dentine (layer beneath enamel) by certain types of bacteria that live within plaque.

The bacteria converts sugars that we eat into acids. The acids then dissolve the important minerals, such as calcium and phosphate, in the enamel and dentine. These minerals make up the building blocks of teeth and loss of these minerals result in weakened tooth structure which eventually breaks down to form a cavity.

Decay in its very early stages can be reversed. Early decay presents on teeth as bright white spots called white spot lesions. Reversal of decay is possible through remineralisation, a process by which acid damage is halted and minerals previously lost from the teeth are replaced.

The saliva in our mouth contains minerals and is nature’s way of protecting our teeth by way of remineralisation. There are also several products your dentist may recommend to prevent decay and/or help with the process of remineralisation.

Tooth mousse

Tooth mousse contains Recaldent, an ingredient that contains a concentrated source of calcium and phosphate. Recaldent, with the help of fluoride, helps replace the lost minerals from teeth with early decay and rebuilds the healthy enamel which was once there. Recaldent also incorporates itself into our dental plaque to decrease the number of decay causing bacteria.

Below is a list showing possible reasons why your dentist will recommend tooth mousse

Tooth mousse is easy to use: 1. Squeeze a small amount of Tooth Mousse onto your finger

2. Apply to all teeth with your finger and use your tongue to spread around evenly

3. Leave Tooth Mousse on your teeth for as long as possible – the most common recommendation is to apply it to your teeth before bed each night so the Tooth Mousse sits on your teeth overnight

  • Tooth mousse should always be used under the supervision and advice of your dentist who will give you individual instructions for use

Recaldent gum

Like tooth mousse Recaldent gum stabilises and delivers high quantities of calcium and phosphate ions into the tooth. This process repairs and strengthens areas of enamel previously damaged by the action of bacteria.

Sugar free gum contains a sugar substitute called xylitol. Xylitol reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth. In addition, chewing gum stimulates saliva. Chewing Recaldent gum up to 3 times a day will increase saliva, decrease harmful bacteria as well as help remineralise and strengthen tooth enamel.

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